Networking meeting with Shomrim

Networking meeting with Shomrim

We are delighted to have Rabbi Gluck, OBE, President of Stamford Hill Shomrim and chair of the Arab/Jewish and Muslim/Jewish forums.

What an excellent opportunity to network with Hackney and Tower Hamlets Neighbourhood Watch groups. This is a meeting to improve Neighbourhood Watch in both areas, which falls on our usual third Saturday each month.

This event is ticketed. This event will be held on Zoom, due to the Covid threat.

Signing up

Neighbourhood Watch is a huge national system, with over 1.000.000 signed up members and messages reaching 2/3 of the British population.

We are now using the brand new V4 system. Once registered you are eligible

sign up page

The murder of Arthur Labinjo-Hughes

The murder of Arthur Labinjo-Hughes

Just wanted to tell people how sorry I am for the little boy, the suffering he had to endure and how bad I feel that nobody helped him.

There is a petition, which has at the time of writing this in excess of 49.000 signature. Sign here to ask for the killers of Arthur to get whole life-sentences.

If you have concerns about a child and cannot find help or think nobody is interested contact us. If you feel that a child is kept indoors, not to be seen, please contact support agencies like

We shall move heaven and earth to help them.

Defenceless children cannot protect themselves, they need people to care for them.

We support the life-sentence for both parents.

Supporting neighbours with evidence

With having the lowest number of actual Council run CCTV cameras of boroughs in London, it is also quite apparent that CCTV cannot always provide the evidence needed to catch a perpetrator.

Cases like

  • Car break ins
  • Bicycle thefts
  • other damage and crime

is often not covered by general CCTV. Register your recording device and potential assistance here.

However, under the law it is possible for owners of Door bell cameras, car dash cam footage to supply evidence in case of noticing criminal activity.

Even if such an owner of a camera would not be permitted to share images with other neighbours, they are allowed to supply evidence for criminal investigations, even on a anonymous basis.

Not all people would want to supply evidence to police directly, for a variety of reasons, which are often quite legitimate, just from the point of time consumption.

Our anonymous reporting facility does not ask for any distinguishing features. We do not even capture the IP address of the informant. It takes 5 minutes to upload your images, or film. All we need is date, time, post code. You can create your own reference.

Photo by IKRAM shaari on

Local watch groups gain tremendous strength if local groups work together gathering extra evidence through dash-cams or door bells. It is not always possible to have a camera door bell in shared housing but people who live in houses in the street, can use those cameras without a problem, as long as the confidentiality and privacy of the neighbourhood remains intact.

It seems the only viable strategy to catch offenders, if various private recordings are used.

It is virtually impossible without 100% CCTV coverage to catch all crimes. There would be a huge opposition to total CCTV coverage for the whole borough. Local Watch schemes, could easily share information and it is legal to share evidence with Main co-ordinators for the purpose of supplying such evidence to the police but it is illegal to share such information on pubic social media or otherwise. Local watch schemes, who are registered on Ourwatch can also use the included communications facility to keep each other informed in real time. Being registered with Ourwatch also supplies the necessary insurance for Neighbourhood Watch activities.

Working with Councillors

Councillors are in office as result of being voted in during local Council elections. Some of our local Councillors are legendary and have been in office for decades and are highly respected and very helpful indeed. We enjoy standing shoulder to shoulder with our Councillors.

As the last Council meeting on 17. November 2021 pointed out, the majority of Councillors come and go and with next year’s Mayoral election it is expected that many Councillor positions will change.

We really appreciate the support our Councillors lend to law and order, working with Neighbourhood Watch schemes. Because Councillors relatively often change, it takes them some time to familiarise themselves with Neighbourhood Watch.

Neighbourhood Watch is an independent – resident and user led – organisation, which is run completely voluntary and is not dependant on the political leaders of the council. The Tower Hamlets Neighbourhood Watch Association is a partner to both the Met Police and Tower Hamlets Council. We are an independent Charity, supplying services to Neighbourhood Watch in the borough.

Neighbourhood Watch in Great Britain is regulated by the National Neighbourhood Watch Network (NWN). More or less local borough associations are formally connected to the NWN.

This independence is very important to NW, to be politically neutral.

Whilst most Tower Hamlets councillors reside in the borough, they can be members of NW as residents. If they are also Councillors that will be very welcome. Any resident who is a councillor can continue to be a member of NW if they cease being Councillors due to elections.

We emphasize that our most important focus is on the safety and quality of life of our local residents in Tower Hamlets, whether they are politically engaged or not. But because we are a movement for all we need to stay strictly politically neutral.

We have members from all political directions, which must never be party-politically exploited. Our Membership Secretary ensures that the rules are kept. If you have the impression that a Co-ordinator refuses your membership because you are of a political direction, which the coordinator does not support then you have reason to complain about this.


Tower Hamlets having the highest Anti Social Behaviour Rate in England and one of the lowest numbers of CCTV cameras in Inner London, is a not so surprising fact.

It was mentioned by Cllr Peter Golds in the Council meeting of 17. November 2021.

See a link to the relevant member’s question here.

Apparently the number of CCTV cameras are as follows:

  • 362 Tower Hamlets
  • 2044 Hackney
  • 1336 Newham
  • 723 Greenwich
  • 521 Southwark
  • 500 Redbridge

I distinctly remember that one of our Neighbourhood Watch coordinators delivered a petition to Tower Hamlets Council on 27. January 2010 requesting more CCTV, which was refused.

As Councillor Bustin, rightly commented during the meeting yesterday, young people get drawn into drug dealing by the promise of quick financial rewards, which is exacerbated by poverty. Drugs are the most common reason for crime and knife crime in the borough.

As well as more CCTV, we need more Neighbourhood Watch groups, more reporting, less drug consumption.

Whilst we work hard to improve the living conditions of local youth, we need to act quickly and install more CCTV cameras to assist the detection and prevention of ASB and crimes in our borough.

Tower Hamlets is also lacking behind with the installation of Knife bins, of which we got none but soon will get one.

On 4. December 2021 Tower Hamlets will finally get their first knife bin. See event calendar

Doorsteps crime initiative

Londoners are being asked to keep an eye on the old and vulnerable in their neighbourhoods to build on the connections created during lockdown.

The ‘Do us a favour, look out for your neighbour’ campaign is being launched by London Trading Standards (LTS) following reports of better neighbour engagement and community spirit following the Covid-19 pandemic.

It aims to encourage people to look out for one another to stop scams and doorstep crime from happening.

Lockdown saw a reduction in cold callers at the door, but LTS is now seeing a return to pre-Covid levels of rogue trading.

Trading Standards manager, Trish Burls, said: “Many of us are working from home on a much more regular basis and therefore are more aware of what is going on locally. By working together we can support the elderly and vulnerable, to stop rogue traders in their tracks.”

Defective or unnecessary roofing jobs top the table read more …………………….