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Follow these simple steps to achieve attention being paid to your local problems by law enforcement and support agencies.

Attention to problems happens because of 5 reasons:

  1. large-scale anti-social behaviour
  2. repetitive crime like burglary and drug-dealing
  3. Council services
  4. Homeless
  5. High profile crime like murder in the area (this list is not exhaustive)

Achieving results on problem category 1 and 2.

Our borough is divided into 20 wards. Each ward has a ward panel and that ward panel decides in quarterly meetings, whose area gets preferred attention from the SNT teams like extra patrols.

If your area has imminent problems you need to show how bad it is.

To do this you need to report as much as possible with as much evidence as possible. Start a Neighbourhood Watch Group and get as many people as possible complaining. Numbers count.

I strongly recommend that all problems not needing 999 calls to be reported online in three ways.

  1. Report it online on the Council website here
  2. Report it directly to the Met Police website here
  3. Report directly to your SNT online method
    1. Go to Met Police website
    2. click on your area
    3. Input your post code
    4. Your local SNT team will appear
    5. Scroll down the page to Introducing your Safer Neighbourhoods Team
    6. click contact us
    7. Submit report

All 3 methods will result in being given a reference number and your case going onto official statistics, which are counted towards calculating the needs for more officers.

To provide pictorial evidence follow this page.

For long-standing problems we recommend completing an evidence sheeet THNWA_reporting_sheet, once complete submit to your local SNT per email.

For problems with category 3

Download the app called Love your Neighbourhood on Google for Apple, choose Tower Hamlets, you can submit pics in evidence of your problem. NOX silver canisters for example use the

  • LYN app,
  • choose report it
  • choose cleansing dirty street,
  • take pics

For problems with category 4

Download the Streetlink app to report homeless people and get them some help.

Category 5 

Only 999 calls are appropriate.

If all fails and if you’ve made 3 complaints within 3 months and no action has been taken, you can use the Community Trigger, to accelerate your problems.