Working with the community

Community cohesion is one of the most important tools in the kitty of a successful Neighbourhood Watch (NW) program.

Giving support, getting help to each other works very well generally.

Working from within existing Tenants and Residents Associations (TRA), Church groups, hobby groups etc, can strongly enhance the effectiveness of NW groups.

In some instances however, when for example a TRA or other groups has radical ideas, which may contradict the aim of being lawful, it is advised the NW groups develop separately from an existing group.

Where a group’s aim is likely to increase a crime rate or the instances of anti-social behaviour the aims of NW and community cohesion are not in sync with community health.

Many ideas are indeed very noble but may not abet lawful purposes, so stay clear of such groups as basis for NW activities. Some fringe groups are lawful but carry out demonstrations and cause police presence to control them and may be on a list of Counter Terrorism policing may be groups, which are not outlawed but seen as endangering public order.

See the latest list of Extremist symbols and flags



Right-wing, left-wing, extremist organisations list published 2019.

If you come across those signs, symbols report your concern to ACT

List of prescribed terrorist organisations

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