The power of Hello

The power of Hello

Helps make your Neighbourhood a better place.

Saying Hello to people helps in a variety of ways

  • You can evaluate an individual or groups and see how they react
    • Observe
    • Initiate a Hello
    • Navigate the Risk
    • Obtain Help
  • A person wanting to burgle for example will realise they are noticed and have lost their anonymity
  • Anybody progressing a theft would run off when approached
  • Saying Hello takes the pressure off and relaxes the person spoken to as well as yourself
  • Brings you and your neighbours together

This strategy was first adopted by the Cyber Security Agency. It is also very helpful in day-to-day situations around our neighbourhoods.

There is a #World Hello Day on November 21 and we all can practise our Hellos till then and then join in with making the Friendship Bench not just an instrument of communication in schools for pupils but a tool for neighbours.

If you approach an individual not aggressively but friendly with a simple hello, it will help to avoid a violent outcome of a situation where a resident may be concerned about someone in their neighbourhood.

Neighbourhood Watch is about engaging with Neighbours with smiles, hellos and conversations, to build up confidence and well-being. People become more resiliant to being approached by criminals and more likely to report problems.

Once you are talking, encourage your friends to form a Neighbourhood Watch group and register with Ourwatch, which gives you all the tools you need to continue the Conversation.

Registration is as simple as 1-2-3

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