SNT Ward Panels

We want to know if our Neighbourhood Watch coordinators all get invites to their local SNT Ward Panel meetings.

Ward Panels are supposed to have civilians as chairs and also vice-chairs and secretaries. See relevant documentation on our SNT page.

Participation in Ward Panels is supposed to happen in rotation, so that nobody gets over-stretched or lumbered with jobs on the Ward Panel on a permanent basis. This also offers a greater inclusion rate of local members.

There are set meeting dates, about 4 – 5 times per year. It is quite normal that some coordinators cannot attend SNT Panel meetings because of work commitments. However, all those who cannot attend the Ward Panel meetings, should be able to communicate with their Ward Panel chair or secretary instead.

We are currently looking into how the SNT Ward Panel participation and continuation can be improved.

In Ward Panel meetings, you get a chance to meet very important service providers like

  • Your local SNT officers
  • Councillors
  • Housing officers
  • Project officers like drug – homeless counselling
  • Watch coordinators
  • Community leaders

Our data-protection laws prevent us from publishing coordinator or member details to each other. Those who want to network, will find that the following tools are available to them.

  • Ourwatch Neighbourhood Watch membership system, where coordinators can communicate with their neighbours
  • Ward Panel meetings
  • THNWA meetings

Provision of services is not in keeping with the intended purpose. As OWL is used to invite people and communicate with people for the purpose of SNT Panels but civilians, who are supposed to manage and run the panels have no access to OWL, neither do coordinators, the concept is flawed.

It is in fact the Police who invite SNT Panel members when this should be done by the chair or Secretary of the panel. Therefore the civilian managers of the panels, should have mailing lists and tools to manage the panel business.