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Have reports and personal experience of

  • attempts of extortions using blackmail via email
  • nuisance calls threatening to withdraw a National Insurance Number for example
  • Nuisance calls threatening arrest for tax fraud

Have had a few calls from number, which all seems very similar and then a recorded voice speaks a message that is menacing or threatening?

Immediately block all numbers that call you whether that is

  • silent calls
  • threatening calls
  • nuisance calls

If you get more than 3 calls from the same number, you can report to your phone provider. So it’s best to block them to avoid lengthy complaints procedures.

Even emails can be blocked via your service provider, whereby most have an option to block senders. Nuisance calls and emails seems to have beomce the favourite pasttime of criminals.

Remember, if they can’t make money from their scams, they will stop doing it.

But, please don’t feel ashamed if you did fall victim to a scam report it here please .