Public meeting on 22. June 2021

Venue: The Glasshouse, 161 Old Ford Road, London E2 9QB


18:00 – 20:00

Persons pledged attendance to date:

  • The Mayor John Biggs
  • Chief Inspector Christopher Scammell, Met Police
  • Avion Headley LL.B(Hons)


  1. Welcome and introduction
  2. Attendance and Apologies
  3. Up-date on issues from previous minutes
  4. Tower Hamlets Neighbourhood Watch Association what is it?
  5. Partners –
    1. Speech from John Biggs
    2. Speech from Avion M. Headley LL.B(Hons)London City Island Junior Lawyers Division and Law Society
  6. Committees
  7. The Power of Hello Campaign
  8. Crime reporting and how efficient is it?
    1. Speech from Chief Inspector Christopher Scammell
  9. SNT Panels in 20 wards and crime rates
  10. Any other business
  11. Date of next meeting

Chair: Martin Shortis; Vice-chair Alan Trench; Secretary and MSA Johanna Kaschke

Up-dates on this meeting on

Please bring your own water bottles to the meeting