Our new Central East Commander Marcus Barnett, receives our congratulations for showing a great reaction to a threat that was posed onto our community, the East London Advertiser reports.

Commander Marcus Barnett, Tower Hamlets and Hackney

Raids on eight addresses across East London were carried out on 11. March 2021, whereby six men and two women, aged between 18 and 22 years of age were arrested under ‘suspicion of conspiracy to commit murder’.

These raids followed investigations after shots were fired in Pownall Road, Haggerston on 31. January 2021. Luckily no injuries occurred on that occasion. However, Detective Chief Superintendent Marcus Barnett is warning that police will “relentlessly pursue those who so brazenly commit offences” that put the public in danger.

We congratulate our Commander on the wise crime-preventing action in this case.

Commander Barnett, whose Central East Command covers Tower Hamlets and neighbouring Hackney, said: “Discharging a firearm in public and targeting others in the street is an incredibly reckless act. Thankfully no one was hurt, but that could have been a different story and we could easily be investigating a murder.” 

If you know of weapons being kept illegally but don’t want to come forward for fear of reprisals, you can report totally anonymously directly to us.

Or you can report directly with your details to the Met Police.