Elections for PCC

Elections for Police and Crime Commissioner are happening in May and we need to ensure that a candidate who cares about Neighbourhood Watch gets into the post.

We need and end to the segregation of schemes, which don’t allow essential data sharing and make it impossible for police to apply the necessary care in the community.

Please read the article for PPCs, which is published here. It shows the important work national Neighbourhood Watch does.

The Police and Crime Commissioner elections cover police forces in England and Wales, except for the Metropolitan Police Service, Greater Manchester Police, West Yorkshire Police and City of London Police areas. In these areas the PCC functions are exercised by the Mayor of London, the combined authority mayors for Greater Manchester and West Yorkshire, and the Court of the Common Council (part of the City of London Corporation) respectively. See ref.

It is only a small minority of boroughs who use OWL. Those using OWL are mainly in London under the funding regime of the current Mayor of London. The rest and vast majority of British areas use Neighbourhood Alert and Ourwatch, providing an effective community relations system. OWL effectively removes data sharing between Ourwatch and the Police. This is due to the cost of running both systems not being met by funding from MOPAC.

It’s volunteers like us who keep the community together and provide the essential link between the community and the police to enable effective crime prevention. We urge you to help us by donating towards our costs.

Neighbourhood Alert, running Ourwatch enable us to get those important crime prevention messages, which OWL does not provide for us. Currently, in Tower Hamlets, only Ourwatch and the THNWA provide assistance to Neighbourhood Watch groups, whilst OWL currently only functions as mailing list the Met Police use.