Providence Wharf incident statement

The Tower Hamlets Neighbourhood Watch Association has not at any point been asked to get involved with problems to do with the safety concerns in this tower block.

Providence Wharf picture from Alison

A recent statement from Apsana Begum on Facebook highlights that residents’ insurance premiums quadrupled despite a lack of fire safety provision in the block.

As an Association we strife to develop effective systems to include all manner of safety concerns when providing solutions to the effect of increasing the quality of life of our members. But, the THNWA was never involved in the matters involving Providence Wharf, because there is no Neighbourhood Watch scheme, nor have the residents asked for our assistance.

Most insurance providers grant a reduction in insurance bills for members of Neighbourhood Watch schemes, which has not been referred to by Apsana.

Whilst the fire-safety of cladding, and the replacement of unsafe cladding is a national problem, we certainly could help provide extra pressure to resolve the issue.

We also have a number of safety nets to help residents communicate in times of need.

We want to create constructively solutions for the future and not join the blame and shame game, which helps us to dwell in the past but doesn’t show a way forward.

Working with all major service providers in the borough includiing

  • Police
  • Fire brigade
  • Council
  • Housing providers

we need to connect up the communications and service strands of communication.

Insurance providers especially look out for protection through alarms, which connect up to rescue services. We now have an APP, provided by Safeland – a Swedish company – who work closely with ERA alarms, which in turn are directly connected to rescue services. The ERA alarm system is widely recommended by professionals.

We also have the Neighbourhood Alert system, also including fire services. The Met Police Tower Hamlets stopped subscribing to those services, when they joined OWL.

Our local street-based watch groups can increase the flow of communications directly to service providers to make change happen.

We are currently negotiating both with Metropolitan Police Tower Hamlets and Tower Hamlets Council to create a comprehensive community safety networking system, that reassures residents that their safety is taken seriously. Unfortunately current solutions provided by Police and Council do not connect up and are not sufficient.

Please join us to help achieve a change for the better.

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