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Very quickly after asking people commented on this: Names of commenters withheld. We’ll stop the comments here. It seems difficult to actually pinpoint the reasons for many actions, whether they are individual problems, objectively caused problems or just lifestyle questions. We will support members on an individual basis after examining all aspects of any issues closely on application. It just seems right to mention the issues here as it affects members of this community considerably.

05/06/2021, “Where next? Tower Hamlets? My delivery driver has already complained about the nightmare of going from one street to another taking 10 times as long & 4 times the mileage and the road blocks have only really been in around Columbia Rd a few weeks! Wait til Waitrose/Ocado say they’re not delivering the Woke Brigade will have apoplexy! “You mean I have to actually go and get my Essential lavender drizzle cake & farro face mask paste??!!””

07/06/2021, “For a second week, Labour led Tower Hamlets have not collected rubbish from Quilter Street E2. The reason? The Liveable Streets planters at the end of this narrow street prevents refuse trucks turning around and the refuse collectors refuse to reverse the length of the road. ………..* Councils across London are not listening to residents!!!They are strictly following the personal agenda of a …….* mayor who is killing not only London businesses but also Londoners by creating pollution caused by the gridlock on routes restricted by Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTN). Ambulance crews have been ordered not to say anything about delays and those that speak out to the media have been warned they face the sack. Unbelievably, Mayor John Biggs suggested ambulances should mount the pavement when faced by those three, £1k each, planters! This blue light ambulance decided against going up on the kerb…and so made a very long detour round Columbia Rd.…/status/1401240117306695682…The London fire service is also reporting problems with response times getting to emergencies in LTN areas.” *redacted

21/05/21 Police found a way to get where they needed to be despite OBGR being blocked. In the past we’d say they had a cheek to park on the pavement but now they have little choice 🤬😠😡

“I took this photo of a blue light ambulance going up a blocked street, having to 3 point turn and then go the wrong way up a one way street to get to the emergency. Have taken others but no one cares. Spoke to ambulance drivers who clear it’s a problem for them – they’re the ones to ask.”

Wellington Row – Low Traffic Neighbourhood

14/05/21 “Woman had her bag snatched today in Gosset street by a man on an electric scooter she gave chase screaming and crying a police car went after him but he simply went through the road block at Barnet grove laughing at the police”

14/05/21 “Anyone catch Nick Ferraris show with the police commissioner this morning. The commissioner herself admitted some of her officers were unable to chase down machete wielding criminals as they’d escape through LTN’s in which emergency vehicles cannot get through.”

11/05/21 “LFB responded. They asked which LTN I am concerned about and I explained my concerns. They have a meeting with the liveable streets team this week and will raise them.”

“I have emailed fire brigade today. I am truly scared of what will happen if there’s a fire on Canrobert Street.”

“I look after my elderly mother in law. Whenever there is no parking outside my block I can usually drop her in front of the block and quickly park on a near by side road. This only takes 2 minutes. Now due to the road closures if I drop her it takes me 20 min to get to that same side road. I am therefore having to risk her safety by leaving her for so long.”

“It’s absolute chaos cycle lanes that are not used and even where cycle lanes are present cyclist choose to ignore and ride in middle of roads. Also ride on major roads which is dangerous there is no one to stop them. A police man is a rarity. Cyclist do not abide by any road safety rules at all and most are rude. As for the bus gates the sign s are not prominent enough . Repair workmen are unable to work before 10 am. and must finish before 4 p.m. it difficult to get any one out because the parking charges are ridiculous . Also the. Danger of walking alone especially during the winter with dark nights .its fast becoming a ghetto with freedom allowed only at certain times .”

“Emergency services cannot get through and police cars chasing suspects, they would get away, also very scary walking home late from work , down a quiet street where cars used to go.”

“TH have become anti car. They are re doing pavements on Canrobert street and have suspended all parking (both sides even where they’ve finished) for a whole month. Completely unnecessary. There’s also no way a fire engine will get there via Ellsworth street. It’s not suitable for HGVs. The continuous pavements are hazardous for elderly and visually impaired. RNIB have said they are dangerous. The skateboarders have wrecked the pocket park seating and have almost hit people but police have confirmed it’s not considered even ASB though it’s directly outside an old peoples home.”

“If a vulnerable person gets attacked, because a relative or cab driver can’t safely drop the person off to their door and just make sure they are safely inside. Because they can’t get access to the persons road or fear a fine. Could a victim then sue the council for failing to safeguard their residence ?”

“I am for an electric revolution but that will take 10-15 years to finally implement charging points and low end workers can only afford used cars.”

“I think safety is a huge concern, people can no longer be dropped safely to their front door. I’ve been speaking to cab drivers and they are being put in a really difficult situation, do they let people out of their cabs in the middle of the night especially after their customers has had a few drinks or face a £60 fine to make sure they get home safely? No thought as all has been put into this or the well being off less abled people. You can’t tell a disabled persons, it’s only a 20 meter walk get on with it .”

“Definitely I can’t get to patients on time with delivery of their medication, neither able to take my mother to surgery on time as she is unable to cycle unfortunately”

“Old Bethnal Green hub has become a no go area as it seems like head office for drug dealers”

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