Liveable streets

Some are concerned that road closures prevent vulnerable residents from being dropped off by taxis nearer their homes. Others hail the improved air quality, whilst again some are worried that ambulances have to take diverted routes to reach patients.

Delivery drivers no longer can easily reach customers.

Shows a local road being cut off from emergency and service access from that side. Cycles will find it difficult to get through the gap.

With the same amount of cars on the road, traffic will divert and create traffic hotspots in certain areas, whilst others areas become obsolete and isolated from commercial and other traffic.

We would like to know your views from the point of your safety and ability to connect with emergency services in case of need.

Some councils already abandon cycle lanes for lack of use.

Have councils taken travel distances of commuters into account when creating cycle high-ways. It seems obvious that cyclists would only go so far on bikes to commute each day.

Please contact us with Liveable streets as subject line with your views.

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