Enough, just right, too much

It’s quite easy now to host social media sites. Any webmaster can purchase software, scripts and get a hosting platform and spew out another social media site.

But, for us people who rely on communications, we find ourselves splitting ourselves in halves, quarters, fifth, sixth and wander form platform to platform to catch up on some news, that may or may not be relevant to us.

Police, councils, representatives post on Twitter, use YouTube, Facebook and the next contender is NextDoor. I found myself turning NextDoor off because the constant notifications were too much to bear. Even after I turned notifications off, Nextdoor still invited me to supply information to people who wanted to know about Catalytic Converter thefts. Why would others want to know about it? You should report such crimes to the police and discuss it with trusted local coordinators alone.

We are in touch with up to 90.000 other co-ordinators and borough associations and have been warned about problems with NextDoor. I removed NextDoor from all my devices.

The amount of Apps on the market easily fill all our phones with several pages full of Apps.

It’s becoming a de-fragmentation and nobody can flick from platform to platform on a constant basis. I think the whole purpose of social media has become fractured media. Too much of anything can become too much.

Even for police and security forces, having to monitor all those messaging services must be very intensive.

Just noticed that communications on social media platforms definitely work in favour of informing others. I am amazed how many people on one social media group on Facebook find lost debit cards and other ID methods and put pictures on the groups, as well as house keys, seems a method to message about something, but I’m not sure what, any ideas? People are asking for information on Catalytic converter thefts in areas, perhaps then they don’t bother going there as it has already been done there or they gather information for the purpose of ID theft or other criminal reasons.

Be careful where you talk about your personal circumstances problems.