Complaint strategy

is everything. Our local officers generally do not stay longer than 2 years, a time-frame, which had been negotiated with Baroness Casey of Blackstock, Louise Casey. She was the director of the National Anti Social Behaviour Unit in 2003, came to a visit to the East End of London, when offenders had to wear high-viz vests for their behavioural making-good voluntary work in the community. She published the highly acclaimed review ‘Engaging Communities in Fighting Crime”.

Now it’s more important than ever that we use the correct strategy to get the high rate of ASB in the borough down. It’s good that people complain so much, which explains why we got that high rate. But now we need to go about it the correct way to get the rate down.

  1. Always complain with a reference number either to council or police about ASB*
  2. Always only write to official police e-mail addresses quoting already obtained reference numbers.**
  3. Get as many people as possible to make official complaints.
  4. If nothing changes within 6 month use the Community Trigger
  5. involve your councillors and Member of Parliament along the way
  6. also possible to make two successive official complaints to the Council and take the matter to the Social Ombudsman to achieve results.

*It is important to always quote reference number and general police email addresses because our officers change so often that continuation of care cannot be guaranteed if you only write to actual officers.

** An official SNT mailbox would always start with cemailbox.

Officers may take sick-leave, holidays or move to other areas and whatever who wrote to them may get delayed because of those reasons given above.

In cases reported to police there is an ability to add to existing cases online at the Met Police website and Council references are always to be quoted too.

Do not just write to councillors or just write to individual officers. Get results. Use a systematic strategy to force action on your complaints.