Get to speak to officers

With most police stations closed and SNT Ward Panel meetings taking place every three months or less, we are very pleased to announce that our monthly drop in meetings will be attended by actual Police Officers Police Constables.

There is your chance to speak to officers, which are normally very hard to get to.

You may ask questions about emergency service access in LTN areas.

Our monthly drop in meetings take place every third Saturday of each month at

The Glasshouse Community Centre, Parkview Estate, 161 Old Ford Road, London E2 9QB. Always at 5pm.

If your Watch group main coordinator cannot come on Saturdays, please send somebody else from your local group.

Any member of the public is also very welcome to attend. You do not need to sign up to anything.

Our meetings this year are as follows:

17. July2021 

21. August 2021 

18. September 2021 

16. October 2021 

20. November 2021 

18. December 2021 

Plus we’ve announced a bigger public meeting on 31. August at 6pm, which is a Tuesday.

Transport links

  • Car parking in surround roads is free on Saturday, cannot park on the estate
  • Trains, Bethnal Green Underground or Cambridge Heath Overground
  • Buses
    • 309, D3 to Bonner Road
    • 8, D6 Bonner Street
    • 277, 425 Old Ford Road
    • 388, 254, 106, D6 to Cambridge Heath

There is a small playground near the Glasshouse for smaller children, which must be supervised at all times.

the facility also has a stairlift