Enquiry needed

An enquiry is needed to determine police availability to deal with local Safer Neighbourhood and Crime issues due to demonstrations and other public issues.

Two types of incidences have recently been blamed for reduced police availability

  • Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, preventing police vehicles through roads
  • Demonstrations demanding all resources, including local Tower Hamlets SNT officers.

We can’t ascertain that Low Traffic Neighbourhoods have a more severe effect on vehicle traffic flow than other road issues.

Found myself this morning directing cars to move to one side because an emergency police vehicle could not go through traffic, which stopped on a very long access road from East London. Traffic is at standstill on that road almost every day during rush hour and it’s not affected by any LTN schemes.

roads blocked by traffic are a norm in some areas.

Road planning should not just concern itself with pedestrian issues but also on enabling a traffic flow for emergency vehicles whilst other traffic may be re-directed otherwise.

We also see that some roads, which can be blocked during rush hour get used for racing at night time because it’s such a nice stretch of road.

We have had at least twice had excuses that crime reports and SNT issues could not be dealt with because of a demand to attend demonstrations.

Also here an enquiry is needed to ascertain what type of demonstrations are reasonable. Because if prolonged and extended demonstrations stop police from solving crime, then the balance of service is definitely out of sync.

There seem to be no spare officers to deal with unusual situations due to either public order or traffic issues.

Those issues probably do not affect most areas in the UK but the City of and East London take the brunt of complications due to both issues and extra resources are needed to handle this.

It’s a real shame if criminals can rely on police not being available because of a lot of demonstrations for example.

We definitely do not want people to take the law into their own hands and ask you all to be patient, do not interact with suspicious people. Do take ledgers and report in as much detail as you can.

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