A better quality of complaint

Taking into consideration that all complaints under the Community Trigger procedure can be accepted or refused and we can see that

60% of all complaints between 2018-20

87% of all complaints between Jan and July 2021

were refused, we need to improve the quality of complaint, so that the refusal rate can be reduced for cases where complaints procedures were inefficient. Would like to emphasize that we were not involved in any of the refused cases.

We get a a considerable amount of complaints under ASB and people not knowing how to complain best and not getting responses to complaints are the ones we want to appease.

We need to avoid language barriers and for that reason being registered with Ourwatch helps all recipients of our communications the ability to have all mails translated into 50 languages, to overcome this.

Getting the benefit of our expert advise to registered members and freely available on our website will improve the quality of complaint and quality of approaching problems and should further improve the quality of complaints, should that become necessary.

We hope that all Councillors and SNT officers recommend subscription to Ourwatch as a matter of routine, along with housing providers and other organisations.

Current crimes clients of the probation service have been convicted for.

The latest Met Police Ward Panel handbook recommends Ourwatch as a main partner for Neighbourhood Watch.

If we know that the vast majority of the current clients of the Probation service have been sentenced for the offence of violence, we can predict the general climate of problems.

The next offence of Drug possession has 2/3 less convictions.