Doorsteps crime initiative

Londoners are being asked to keep an eye on the old and vulnerable in their neighbourhoods to build on the connections created during lockdown.

The ‘Do us a favour, look out for your neighbour’ campaign is being launched by London Trading Standards (LTS) following reports of better neighbour engagement and community spirit following the Covid-19 pandemic.

It aims to encourage people to look out for one another to stop scams and doorstep crime from happening.

Lockdown saw a reduction in cold callers at the door, but LTS is now seeing a return to pre-Covid levels of rogue trading.

Trading Standards manager, Trish Burls, said: “Many of us are working from home on a much more regular basis and therefore are more aware of what is going on locally. By working together we can support the elderly and vulnerable, to stop rogue traders in their tracks.”

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