Tower Hamlets having the highest Anti Social Behaviour Rate in England and one of the lowest numbers of CCTV cameras in Inner London, is a not so surprising fact.

It was mentioned by Cllr Peter Golds in the Council meeting of 17. November 2021.

See a link to the relevant member’s question here.

Apparently the number of CCTV cameras are as follows:

  • 362 Tower Hamlets
  • 2044 Hackney
  • 1336 Newham
  • 723 Greenwich
  • 521 Southwark
  • 500 Redbridge

I distinctly remember that one of our Neighbourhood Watch coordinators delivered a petition to Tower Hamlets Council on 27. January 2010 requesting more CCTV, which was refused.

As Councillor Bustin, rightly commented during the meeting yesterday, young people get drawn into drug dealing by the promise of quick financial rewards, which is exacerbated by poverty. Drugs are the most common reason for crime and knife crime in the borough.

As well as more CCTV, we need more Neighbourhood Watch groups, more reporting, less drug consumption.

Whilst we work hard to improve the living conditions of local youth, we need to act quickly and install more CCTV cameras to assist the detection and prevention of ASB and crimes in our borough.

Tower Hamlets is also lacking behind with the installation of Knife bins, of which we got none but soon will get one.

On 4. December 2021 Tower Hamlets will finally get their first knife bin. See event calendar

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