Supporting neighbours with evidence

With having the lowest number of actual Council run CCTV cameras of boroughs in London, it is also quite apparent that CCTV cannot always provide the evidence needed to catch a perpetrator.

Cases like

  • Car break ins
  • Bicycle thefts
  • other damage and crime

is often not covered by general CCTV. Register your recording device and potential assistance here.

However, under the law it is possible for owners of Door bell cameras, car dash cam footage to supply evidence in case of noticing criminal activity.

Even if such an owner of a camera would not be permitted to share images with other neighbours, they are allowed to supply evidence for criminal investigations, even on a anonymous basis.

Not all people would want to supply evidence to police directly, for a variety of reasons, which are often quite legitimate, just from the point of time consumption.

Our anonymous reporting facility does not ask for any distinguishing features. We do not even capture the IP address of the informant. It takes 5 minutes to upload your images, or film. All we need is date, time, post code. You can create your own reference.

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Local watch groups gain tremendous strength if local groups work together gathering extra evidence through dash-cams or door bells. It is not always possible to have a camera door bell in shared housing but people who live in houses in the street, can use those cameras without a problem, as long as the confidentiality and privacy of the neighbourhood remains intact.

It seems the only viable strategy to catch offenders, if various private recordings are used.

It is virtually impossible without 100% CCTV coverage to catch all crimes. There would be a huge opposition to total CCTV coverage for the whole borough. Local Watch schemes, could easily share information and it is legal to share evidence with Main co-ordinators for the purpose of supplying such evidence to the police but it is illegal to share such information on pubic social media or otherwise. Local watch schemes, who are registered on Ourwatch can also use the included communications facility to keep each other informed in real time. Being registered with Ourwatch also supplies the necessary insurance for Neighbourhood Watch activities.