the power of kindness

Tonight’s Council meeting brought a delightful rendition of pupils about what changes are needed to bring down violence and knife crime. Upon questioning from Councillor Kabir, the children said that it is not just up to the police to stop crime but that we are all responsible.

Spreading kindness with taking on communal responsibilities is what Neighbourhood Watch is all about. The children of Tower Hamlets have not been told about Neighbourhood Watch, so do not know the term.

In other areas of Britain, children grow up with community Neighbourhood Watch groups, whereby the whole family is involved spreading kindness around the community.

Inter-active Neighbourhood Watch group creation of residents who see their role as stabilising the community around them is what we do.

This year, is the 40th. anniversary of Ourwatch Neighbourhood Watch in Britain. We shall celebrate alongside the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, this wonderful occasion. We will organise a street-party and encourage other community groups to do so as well.

The Eden project and Neighbourhood Watch promoted that communities celebrate by orchestrating community events for the benefit of all to spread that kindness we all need.

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