Helping our community

See our Community Safety Charter here and help improve your area. Every person who starts a Neighbourhood Watch scheme can help. Even if you start a scheme alone, it will be advertised for you online and everybody joining Neighbourhood Watch in your area, can then join your scheme automatically.

From thereon, you can create a local WhatApp group to monitor areas of concern or use it for community events also.

Having a daily monitoring walk around your watch area and reporting anything of concern may help. If you see broken windows, broken in cars, damaged service areas or dwellings with damage to them, we recommend you take a picture and report it immediately to the Police. The quickest way of doing this is to use Twitter MetCC.

  1. Take a picture
  2. Go onto Twitter MetCC
  3. press the envelope
  4. use the message facility and
  5. upload your picture with details of the problem
  6. Message will be time and date stamped.
  7. Wait for the CAD number

Then use the information collected to bring it to the attention of the local SNT Ward Panel to arrange policing priorities for your area.

This of course only works if you have Internet Access or data to use. If you can’t upload because of a lack of Internet Access or data,

  1. make a note of time, date, location
  2. wait until you are in a facility with Internet and upload the info and picture then

If you do not want to report with your name, use our anonymous crime reporting facility, which also allows you to upload pictures and film.