Reflection on elections

Whilst Neighbourhood Watch is politically neutral, we do encourage all who reside in Tower Hamlets, to sign up for Neighbourhood Watch membership with Ourwatch.

If a person also happens to be a Councillor candidate, all we ask is to NOT use Neighbourhood Watch meetings to promote your party or party policies during Neighbourhood Watch meetings.

Whilst community safety is at the forefront of our concerns, we rely on Councillors to promote law and order.

The recent 2022 council elections show us that out of the new candidates, who didn’t stand for election before, the one who had the best Neighbourhood Watch profile won, compared to another who is a member but doesn’t use the membership system to work with the local community, who didn’t win. We cannot forbid local politicians to register as Neighbourhood Watch coordinators if they reside in Tower Hamlets, that wold be discriminating. Throughout Great Britain, Councillors also make successful Neighbourhood Watch coordinators.

The Ourwatch Neighbourhood Watch membership system enables you to create a viable community network, which gels together and communicates to prevent crime, strengthens communities and raises community responsibility. #Bethechange.

Neighbourhood Watch with Ourwatch is Community by consent, empowering locals to help change policing for the better.

Emphasizing that Ourwatch enables you to create a community of a shape and size of your choice, is different from signing up with OWL, which restricts you to a police mailing list and at most a community within your post code. Ourwatch is not police run, OWL is solely police run. OWL however, currently sends out the ward panel invites, so it’s best to be registered with both systems for different purposes.