Talk it through

Talk it through

Thanks to all who joined Neighbourhood Watch. Still we get reports from people who fell victims to crime in situations, which could have been prevented with sensible crime prevention advise.

We come across quite a lot of people who think registration and reading advise emails will be enough, but it won’t.

Victim blaming is never OK but if we can adjust our behaviour to avoid bigger loss or injury, that would help us all. The ideal way to get this is to come to Neighbourhood Watch meetings, coffee mornings and talk about your situation.

We know what is the issue in our area and we can give down to earth practical advise on how to prevent becoming victim. Unfortunately some people, who register and still fall victim to crime then are ashamed to talk to us about being a victim.

Help is at hand, talking about it always helps. We can advise you whether it would be a good idea for a small person to walk around with an unmarked expensive bicycle in an area that is plagued by motorcycle thieves who target small people with expensive bikes and simply snatch them in the street. We could have told them that holding on to the bike then will lead to extensive injuries to the person.

There are many other incidences of crime prevention, which is really important to know for your particular situation.

Many people read crime prevention advise and simply feel invincible or happy to have read what can happen. Some feel nothing is going to happen me.


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