Met Police community volunteer

We’ve had numerous enquiries from members and non-members about patrolling, speed watch and community activities.

To carry out any type of patrolling you need permission to do so and very few organisations have those. These include

  • Shomrin
  • THH ASB patrols
  • Parkguard

Shomrin have permission from the Commissioner of the police to do their patrols. Putting up such schemes is expensive, needs a lot of training, equipment and time.

Most of our members have ordinary working lives. As Neighbourhood Watch members we help co-ordinators with activities like litter picks, leafletting, meetings, a list can be seen on the Ourwatch website. We promote and support the active Bystander role, see details here. You can get involved. The Ourwatch section on Best Practise recommends activities. All Ourwatch registered members can get training with our Knowledge Hub. Council also trains people to become Hate crime champions.

We recommend to register as Community Volunteer with the Met Police to get police approved training, directly from Police and to get involved with Community based activities throughout Greater London. Also register with Ourwatch as Neighbourhood Watch members, so that your skills can be transferred. How much is done within Tower Hamlets is dependent on how many events Tower Hamlets Police runs, which requires volunteers.

But once you are accepted as Community based volunteer, and we have a few trained ones, we can let Tower Hamlets Police know and ask for more community based activities.

As Community based volunteer you can also take part in training for MO19 or other specialist services like British Transport Police or medic training.

You will get an insight how police works and create a rapport with officers around Greater London and you can then transfer that skill to Tower Hamlets. The more volunteers we can get to register in the borough the greater is our skills base going to be.