Author: Johanna Kaschke

Partnership with LCIJLD

We are happy to announce our newly formed partnership with London City Island Junior Lawyers Division and Law Society. LCIJLD have recently become a CIC and were approved to become a Law Centre earlier this year. The advice services will support the community and they will be in a position to train staff and volunteers … Continue reading Partnership with LCIJLD

Neighbourhood Watch Week 2021

Listen ! Talk ! Do ! If the pandemic has taught us one thing, it is that neighbourliness and community spirit is just as importantas ever. Want to support you community but not sure where to start? Download our ‘How to do a conduct and environmental visual audit’ guide this Neighbourhood Watch Week to make … Continue reading Neighbourhood Watch Week 2021

Multi-borough wide protest planned

Multi-borough wide protest planned

For information here is a link to the full council documentation on the LTN schemes in the borough. NEWS: MULTI LONDON BOROUGH WIDE PROTEST MARCH BEING HELD SATURDAY, 26. JUNE 2021, MARCH FROM OLD STREET TO HACKNEY TOWN HALL STARTS 1 PM - 4PM . FACEBOOK GROUP TOWER HAMLETS RESIDENTS AGAINST LIVEABLE STREETS PROPOSALS AND ‘BETHNAL GREEN … Continue reading Multi-borough wide protest planned

Criminals abandon plans when they see Neighbourhood Watch

There are many people in London who come from war-thorn zones and areas of conflict. The suffering people endure in some parts of the world is horrific. Tower Hamlets Neighbourhood Watch Association cannot and will not take sides to prefer one side from the other. We do not apportion blame and we are not judgmental. … Continue reading Criminals abandon plans when they see Neighbourhood Watch

Lost ID and bank cards

Everybody who sees people advertising lost bus passesID cardsbank cardskeysetc on social media sites, should immediately query this with the site admin to take the posts down. No merchant or shop keeper should advertise lost bank cards on social media. Ideally shop keepers destroy all forgotten bank cards immediately. It is significant that the losers … Continue reading Lost ID and bank cards