Be prepared

Enabling communities to be more resilient and ready to repel crime

good citizenship and stronger communities

Our Mission

We see on an almost daily basis that people often think they don’t need Neighbourhood Watch because there is nothing wrong, nothing happening, all are happy.
Then a problem arises and people are almost helpless to deal with the situation. The emotional stress overtakes rationality and just how to report and to whom becomes a problem. We want to make you feel stronger and ready to deal with whatever is coming your way.

We hold regular drop in sessions every third Saturday each month see calendar

We encourage all to form Neighbourhood Watch groups to gather the readiness to deal with problems that may or may not arise but are present as the crime statistics show.

Our History

Neighbourhood Watch is relatively new and started on a bigger scale in Tower Hamlets in 2011 with the first Tower Hamlets Police and Community Safety Board coming into existence in 2007. We have now re-established a Neighbourhood Watch Association and work closely with Police, Ourwatch, Safeland, Council to resolve issues.

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THNWA, The Glasshouse
161 Old Ford Road
London E2 9QB

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Ourwatch, where street watches and social media groups register as co-ordinators