Best practise

Use our resource pack to contact neighbours. 

Getting results for local problems.


Property registration:

Avoid phone scams, see little_book_of_phone_scams of most popular phone scams

Working with the community

Educate against hate. – Prevent hate.

Be equally fair

How to supply pictorial evidence for Neighbourhood watchers (link)

Using CCTV including camera doorbells.

Phishing by phone, text or email

General suspected phishing emails directly to
HMRC specific phishing calls or emails directly to texts forward to 60599

How local coordinators work.

Always inform a friend if you are going out on Neighbourhood Watch visits, so somebody knows where you are.

If all fails and if you’ve made 3 complaints within 3 months and no action has been taken, you can use the Community Trigger, to accelerate your problems.