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To candidates for Mayor of London

BAILEY Shaun - Conservative PartyBALAYEV Kam - RenewBERRY Sian - Green PartyBINFACE Count - Count Binface for Mayor of LondonCORBYN Piers - Let London LiveFOSH Max - IndependentFOX Laurence - The Reclaim PartyGAMMONS Peter - UKIPHEWISON Richard - Rejoin EUHUDSON Vanessa - Animal Welfare Party – People, Animals, EnvironmentKELLEHER Steve - Social Democratic PartyKHAN Sadiq - Labour PartyKURTEN David - Heritage PartyLONDON Farah - IndependentBROWN … Continue reading To candidates for Mayor of London

Elections for PCC

Elections for Police and Crime Commissioner are happening in May and we need to ensure that a candidate who cares about Neighbourhood Watch gets into the post. We need and end to the segregation of schemes, which don't allow essential data sharing and make it impossible for police to apply the necessary care in the … Continue reading Elections for PCC

Thank you watchers, communicate during lock-downs

Whilst we will always remember them and participated in the Yearly Remembrance Day celebrations, we have to always ensure that our daily lives within our communities are kept safe. Our heroes have helped defeat the foreign threats from Adolf Hitler in World War II and now we are staving off Terrorist threats. Our current threat … Continue reading Thank you watchers, communicate during lock-downs

Tower Hamlets partners against crime list

A recent document, published by Tower Hamlets Council refers to the partners Tower Hamlets council uses to help law and order in the borough. 2020 Report of Ann Sutcliffe, Agreement with MOPAC to provide police resources on LBTH Housing estate. LBTHTHH Mayoral Office Police and Crime MOPAC[46148]. Policy 5 lists the reasonable grounds for re-charging … Continue reading Tower Hamlets partners against crime list