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SNT Ward Panels

Those are run in conjunction with the Metropolitan Police Safer Neighbourhood Teams. Hence, they are called SNT Ward Panels. Tower Hamlets is divided into 20 different Wards and each Ward should have a panel. We currently want to find out how many people have problems getting to know about ward panels or sit on them. … Continue reading SNT Ward Panels

To candidates for Mayor of London

BAILEY Shaun - Conservative PartyBALAYEV Kam - RenewBERRY Sian - Green PartyBINFACE Count - Count Binface for Mayor of LondonCORBYN Piers - Let London LiveFOSH Max - IndependentFOX Laurence - The Reclaim PartyGAMMONS Peter - UKIPHEWISON Richard - Rejoin EUHUDSON Vanessa - Animal Welfare Party – People, Animals, EnvironmentKELLEHER Steve - Social Democratic PartyKHAN Sadiq - Labour PartyKURTEN David - Heritage PartyLONDON Farah - IndependentBROWN … Continue reading To candidates for Mayor of London

Keeping Neighbourhood Watch steady

Throughout all this turmoil of political volatility, Neighbourhood Watch remains steady and continuous to grow in the borough. We've seen Mayor's and now Members of Parliament gone through the scandal mill. There is little permanent in Tower Hamlets but the many homes and services that serve our borough. Even our police officers change roughly every … Continue reading Keeping Neighbourhood Watch steady