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Multi-borough wide protest planned

Multi-borough wide protest planned

For information here is a link to the full council documentation on the LTN schemes in the borough. NEWS: MULTI LONDON BOROUGH WIDE PROTEST MARCH BEING HELD SATURDAY, 26. JUNE 2021, MARCH FROM OLD STREET TO HACKNEY TOWN HALL STARTS 1 PM - 4PM . FACEBOOK GROUP TOWER HAMLETS RESIDENTS AGAINST LIVEABLE STREETS PROPOSALS AND ‘BETHNAL GREEN … Continue reading Multi-borough wide protest planned

Lost ID and bank cards

Everybody who sees people advertising lost bus passesID cardsbank cardskeysetc on social media sites, should immediately query this with the site admin to take the posts down. No merchant or shop keeper should advertise lost bank cards on social media. Ideally shop keepers destroy all forgotten bank cards immediately. It is significant that the losers … Continue reading Lost ID and bank cards

Protect your pooch

The PROTECT YOUR POOCH campaign encourages people to keep their pets SECURE, IN SIGHT and SEARCHABLE, and to HELP MAKE PET THEFT A SPECIFIC CRIMINAL OFFENCE.  The Met Police and Crimestoppers are backing our SECURE, IN SIGHT and SEARCHABLE message.  More information on the campaign can be found on  You can support the campaign by acting on … Continue reading Protect your pooch

Alarm-based solutions

As the latest Providence Wharf incident aroused wide-spread anger and angst, and people seem to feel increasingly helpless to protect themselves in their homes, we wanted to tell you about alarm-based inter-connected Neighbourhood Watch alarms, which can help alert each other in times of emergency. Read the Apple Safeland App preview here Google play Safeland App here … Continue reading Alarm-based solutions

Liveable streets comments

Very quickly after asking people commented on this: Names of commenters withheld. We'll stop the comments here. It seems difficult to actually pinpoint the reasons for many actions, whether they are individual problems, objectively caused problems or just lifestyle questions. We will support members on an individual basis after examining all aspects of any issues … Continue reading Liveable streets comments