Effective communicating

Thankfully the world of Neighbourhood Watch has more variants than just one way of doing things.

There are specialised systems, which are geared to support a particular aim and others are more broadly applicable.

We offer a wide variety of systems and you would have to choose whether you want to subscribe to all or just a few.

  • Ourwatch
    1. Free to use
    2. National Neighbourhood Watch Network system, which is connected to Neighbourhood Alert
    3. Create your own watch group and map it on the system
    4. Use inbuilt email communications to stay in touch with members
    5. Used for street-watch and cover-watch
    6. Used by the vast majority of English and Welsh areas as main platform
    7. All groups are monitored by a police approved MSA
    8. We strongly recommend that you register yourself and/or your group on this platform
  • Safeland
    1. Free to use
    2. The only App currently available for Neighbourhood Watch
    3. Used by ERA alarms
    4. is useful to communicate for any purpose, has built in chat facility
    5. build as many groups as you like
    6. Choose between open and closed groups
  • Facebook
    1. Free to use
    2. The biggest social media platform in the world today
    3. has built in chat and also WhatsApp
    4. Only approved co-ordinators may use the Neighbourhood Watch logo
    5. Used for Cover watches, which can be mapped in the Ourwatch system
    6. All official Cover watch schemes on Facebook are run by MSA approved co-ordinators
    7. Choose between open and closed or secret groups
    8. You may report crime via the Met Police Facebook group and get a CAD number
  • Twitter
    1. Free to use
    2. Mainly short instant messaging
    3. Most major service provider are represented here
    4. Get instant news across the capital from all services
    5. You may report crime via the Met Police Twitter feed and get a CAD number
  • OWL
    1. Free to use
    2. Used exclusively by the Met Police
    3. A mailing list for the Met Police Tower Hamlets
    4. Get SNT news letters and police event notifications
    5. No co-ordinator communications exchange enabled
    6. The least functionality out of all platforms