Quick guidelines

the do’s and don’ts for Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators and members

Police love to profile every crime and person connected to it, even if it is only the informant.

Potentially we are all suspects to police, even if we ourselves think we are detectives.

Stay safe – stay professional

Providing information
Keep it brief
State: place, date, time, distinguishing features, evidence and pictures

Always get a reference
Submit information via official channels, get a SCA or CAD number.

don’t use your personal email
Create an email address especially for Neighbourhood Watch purposes

Use the fastest way
If you are busy, use our crime report form, you can give your details if you wish or stay anonymous

Let someone know
If you are out and about visiting your local area, always let a friends know where you are.

Keep records
File your reports and reference numbers given

Neighbourhood Watch groups

Create your group
Use Ourwatch as main basis to register your members

Street watch
Your immediate neighbours are part of your street watch based group

Social Media
People love to discuss and exchange opinions online, create a group and follow our guidelines

Alarm based groups
Safeland allows certain alarm users to subscribe to an alarm information network for a yearly charge. Basic membership is free

We strongly advice that co-ordinators verify ID and address of their local members

Always meet in a public place


Safer Neighbourhoods Team
the police mailing list is OWL. We can also provide co-ordinators with their local SNT newsletters

Watch group members
Ourwatch provides a mailing list feature. Safeland incorporates messaging. Facebook groups are online.

We have Facebook and Twitter accounts and web contacts

Crime reporting anonymous

Status reports for Home Office

Donation with Paypal

Please do not hesitate to contact us with queries