Fraud & Cybercrime

Monthly Threat up-date from City of London Police

National Crime Agency NCY Fraud and Cybercrime Communications Toolkit download here

Get Safe online

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The 2022 Ourwatch cybercrime survey

How to report online scams

What is adware and how can you prevent it

Cybercrime summary

Public WiFi and fake hotspots, research

ActionFraud the online reporting tool for scams and cyber fraud, ring 0300 123 2040
Complete the Friends Against Scams awareness session today.

Many criminals specialise in defrauding unsuspecting victims of Cybercrime.

Phishing and fake texting are other methods as well as phone call scams.

Emails often look completely genuine as the fraudsters use genuine pictures to pretend. 

For phishing forward emails to
for tax related phishing email: 

It’s been four years since Friends Against Scams launched with the aim of spreading awareness of scams! Time to make some noise about scams and equip as many people as possible with the knowledge to protect others. Every Friend Against Scams makes a difference –so what are you waiting for? Join in. Spread the word. Protect others. #ScamAware

We have a number of advice books online to read.




WhatsApp Account Compromise 2


Regions hardest hit by Cybercrime

1: London – 72%

1: Wales  – 72%

2: Northern Ireland – 67%

3:Scotland – 63%

3: South West – 63%

4: West Midlands – 62%

5: East Midlands – 21%

6: East Anglia – 18%

6: South East – 18%

7: North East – 14%

8: Yorkshire & Lincolnshire – 8%

9: North West – 6%

Read the details on Ourwatch


choose a safe password and change it every month

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