Electoral Fraud

This Tower Hamlets Council memo was sent to all Members of Tower Hamlets Council to remind them that
  • Use of council resources and facilities
  • use of stationery, council logos and postage and electronic communications systems

for party-political purposes, e.g. in connection with fund raising for the benefit of a political party or candidate, advocating membership of a political party or supporting the return of any person to public office are not allowed.

Any political propaganda material distributed throughout the borough, carrying official Council run phone lines, email addresses as contacts are against the law.

We would like to ask everybody to apply the same rule for all parties and not just the ones you do not support.

This email shows an example of how election fraud of this sort is dealt with. Unfortunately the contact email address is illegible. But we will publish the correct email for this ASAP.

Electoral Commission

Here is a link to the Electoral Commission with further details and reporting tools.

Electoral Fraud reporting tools via The Council’s reporting facility here. Email police directly to SETElections@met.police.uk use our anonymous reporting tool and we will forward to Police.