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The Tower Hamlets Neighbourhood Watch Association (THNWA) is a subsidiary of the National Neighbourhood Watch Network, accessible via Ourwatch. It is our aim to support all self-declared, verified and registered Neighbourhood Watch groups in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and those wanting to start Neighbourhood or other watch groups. Please note that registration with Ourwatch or OWL does not give you full membership of the Tower Hamlets Neighbourhood Watch Association until you’ve completed our Membership application form. 

Contact via our contact page on this website or telephone 020 8980 9495

Data policy.

We follow the data policy of the Neighbourhood Watch Network. This can be viewed here in pdf and here in full.

ICO license obtained 22. Feb. 2021 Registration Certificate[52960] 

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All colunteers in the THNWA associated Neighbourhood Watch groups are volunteers and private individuals. We do not have any access to police records. We do not publish the addresses of private individuals.

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