NeighboursSocial Care ProvidersBusiness & large organisations
Must be Ourwatch
registered free
non profit charities,
social housing,
Corporations, Business
voting membership
after verification
voting membership
voting membership
Free of charge£250 per year*£1.000 per year minimum*
Free web pageFree web pagecustom web site

See the

*This charge must be paid from a organisation bank account or card.

Please note there is no obligation to use paid membership. Residents of social housing providers, members of charities, who reside or work in Tower Hamlets and individual police officers who reside in Tower Hamlets, can become members completely free of charge.

The cost is charged for organisations who ask for our assistance in establishing schemes within their territories or wish to support us in exchange for a cost contribution.

We accept donations from all sources falling within our Ethics and Standards category.

People within the Neighbours category will not have to undergo any verification of ID or address when initially registering on Ourwatch or Neighbourhood Alert and have to apply for membership in the Association with verification of ID and address. You must be fully verified and briefed prior to becoming a

  • main co-ordinator
  • deputy co-ordinator
  • regional co-ordinator

or being able to create a mapped watch scheme on Ourwatch within the Tower Hamlets region.