Tower Hamlets Neighbourhood Watch Association uses a variety of portals for groups.

  • Ourwatch is the main registration portal for all Neighbourhood Watch members. Local watch groups get mapped and can be found online. The mapped groups then maintain street-based and/or social media based groups. Register with Ourwatch here
  • Facebook
    • We have established a THNWA Facebook group here
    • News pages on Facebook here 
  • Twitter
    • Our Twitter profile is here
  • Safeland
  • WhatsApp
    • for registered, verified users by invitation only
  • TikTok
    • open platform, anybody can view
  • NextDoor
    • open platform for contact purposes 
  • OWL
    • Met Police Tower Hamlets uses this platform. 

crime maps for your area here,
statistics about crimes here.

Neighbourhood Alert for national Neighbourhood Watch messages link

  • Other portals
    • If you successfully use any other portal, please get in touch and ask to join our committee, so that we can integrate this method with the Association. 

Please note that you must be registered with Ourwatch to be able to benefit from the care packages that the National Neighbourhood Watch Network provides