Ourwatch is the platform of the National Neighbourhood Watch Network. The Ourwatch platform is also connected to Neighbourhood Alert, though each registrant gets the option to which messaging/membership option they want to subscribe.

Ourwatch enables local watch coordinators to register a local Neighbourhood Watch or other watch group and mark their area on a map, which can be publicly seen.

All registrants, unless registered by the Membership System Administrator MSA are self-declared until the MSA marks them as approved. Currently in Tower Hamlets, the Met Police are not subscribed to the system and do not mark watch groups as police approved.

Once you are registered on Ourwatch please contact us for approval. It is absolutely essential that you register with your full address on Ourwatch.

If you are registered on Ourwatch, you can use your membership area, to communicate with your local members, who are also signed up and send/receive emails.

You also get notifications from regional / national coordinators and, if you choose that option, Neighbourhood Alert. and other providers.

  • Street based watches
    • Local groups, which are formed around a local area, which may be a Close, Street, Housing block, estate. These groups accept all types of members regardless of their communications preferences. In local groups typically there are some embers who do not use email, social media or apps.
  • Social media cover watches
    • Are online communications groups which use social media channels of their choice. Those cover-watches can at their largest occupy the area of a local SNT Ward panel area.
    • All cover media watches must be clearly marked as social media and link to the social media platform they use. All members of a cover watch must be registered with Ourwatch.

Please read our Social media policy.