School watch

This type of watch can include the school itself or the immediate area of a school. Schools have an allocated police officer and pupils / students can group to engage with an internal school watch but also parents who collect pupils, together with dedicated pupils can help keep the surrounding area safe before or after school.

Of course schools also have dedicated teachers available to oversea approach and descend to and from schools.

A dedicated school watch group could be integrated with the help of the school governors.

The Met Police business plan 2019 – 2022 is keen to support this, and so are we.

Register as a watch on the Ourwatch website and invite all actively participating, that could include teachers, parents, pupils, staff and geographically mark the area of the school and some surrounding area on the map. Name it as school watch – name of the school.

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Your can register a school watch on the Ourwatch website by mapping and naming the watch. OWL does not have a special school watch rubric but you can always register as individual and get the police messaging for your post code.