OWL is a mailing list used by Met Police Tower Hamlets and Tower Hamlets Council. 

Whilst in the majority of British areas, Police forces use Ourwatch and/or Neighbourhood Alert to communicate their messages to watch co-ordinators, because Met Police in the Tower Hamlets area, choose to use OWL, we must register with OWL to get police messages like pre-ward panel surveys from your local SNT team. The pre-ward panel surveys are very important to set policing priorities for three months at a time.

The platform also distributes messages from the London Borough of Tower Hamlets Safer Neighbourhoods Team. 

Register with OWL here.

Tower Hamlets Neighbourhood Watch Association is the official borough association you can become a member whether you are registered on OWL, Ourwatch or a group, which isn’t registered with any App or website. To become a member of THNWA, you must apply for membership.

  1. Registering with Ourwatch
  2. Verify your membership and apply for association membership