Start or join a Neighbourhood watch

Have you had a leaflet canvassing you for joining or starting a watch? If you wish to respond online please click here!


Starting or joining a Neighbourhood Watch is always a good idea. Neighbourhood Watches are not run by the Metropolitan Police but are independently organised and run by private individuals Read more about this here.

“We believe in a caring society that is focused on trust and respect, in which people are safe from crime and enjoy a good quality of life. We help people to feel less afraid, vulnerable or isolated in the place where they live” Quoted from Ourwatch website. We welcome all Watch members as long as they engage in lawful activities with the aim to improve our lives.

Ideally you invite people to join your watch using the Ourwatch admin area, which allows you to invite neighbours to join you.  If you do not know neighbours’ email addresses, you may use our resource pack and produce your own leaflets. 

Check if there is already an existing Neighbourhood Watch in your Neighbourhood. If there is one, you can join it by submitting the form on the Ourwatch website or by asking us to assist you joining. 

  • Note:
  • If you do not get any response from an already existing watch, which you find on the Ourwatch website,
  • or an existing watch group wants to force you to join other networks, you do not wish to join
  • please still start your own watch and start small. 

What we expect from a Watch member and/or Coordinator.

All prospective watch schemes, need to do a few steps to start like

  1. The Lead coordinator should register on the Ourwatch website
  2. Then create a watch scheme
  3. Draw a geographical area of the watch on the map (we can help you with this if you want)
  4. Contact the Multi-scheme Administrator and request Association membership. 
  5. Invite others to join you
  6. You may use this form to register a new watch and apply for Association membership combined. 

Once your watch area is on a map it can be found on the website via post code search, if you enable this function. People can apply to join your watch.

Even if there already is a watch scheme in an area, you can start another one. People have complete freedom of choice. 

You can register with the national Neighbourhood Watch Network via their Website. Your Watch will become eligible for free Public Liability Insurance once verified by the Multi-scheme administrator and registered with Ourwatch. You may get discounts on some insurance products also.

Please register with the relevant local Police OWL messaging services to get vitally important information. Noted here is that the OWL system is not fully functional yet. It is however necessary to register there because you need to get the police communications, which are sent exclusively via OWL. They send SNT newsletters and SNT Panel invites to registered users.