Start or join a Neighbourhood watch

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Starting or joining a Neighbourhood Watch is always a good idea. Neighbourhood Watches are not run by the Metropolitan Police but are independently organised and run by volunteers from all walks of life.

“We believe in a caring society that is focused on trust and respect, in which people are safe from crime and enjoy a good quality of life. We help people to feel less afraid, vulnerable or isolated in the place where they live” Quoted from Ourwatch website. We welcome all Watch members as long as they engage in lawful activities with the aim to improve our lives.

Ideally you invite people to join your watch using the Ourwatch admin area, which allows you to invite neighbours to join you.  If you do not know neighbours’ email addresses, you may use our resource pack

Check if there is already an existing Neighbourhood Watch in your Neighbourhood. If there is one, you can join it. You can be a member in several schemes. 

What we expect from a Watch member and/or Coordinator.

All prospective watch schemes, need to do a few steps to start like

  1. The main coordinator must register on the Ourwatch website
  2. Then create a watch scheme
  3. Draw a geographical area of the watch on the map (we can help you with this if you want)
  4. Get verified with the Membership Administrator
  5. Do an online or personal induction session online or in person with the MSA.
  6. Request for your new scheme to be approved.
  7. Invite neighbours to join your scheme.

Once you are verified as coordinator and your scheme is approved, it will be visible on the Ourwatch website and it is possible to

  • contact the coordinator
  • join the watch
  • create storage folders for your Watch group essential documents and pictures
  • send messages to your group members
  • invite group members
  • create a forwarding address book
  • forward messages received from the MSA, service providers etc.

Please note that it is important to attend meetings of the borough association to stay in touch. Co-ordinators who loose touch with the local association will not be able to continue their watch group indefinitely or create other groups.

You can register with the national Neighbourhood Watch Network via their Website. Your Watch will become eligible for free Public Liability Insurance once verified by the Multi-scheme administrator and registered with Ourwatch. You may get discounts on some insurance products also.

Please register with the relevant local Police OWL messaging services to get vitally important information. It is however necessary to register there because you need to get the police communications, which are sent exclusively via OWL. They send SNT newsletters and SNT Panel invites to registered users.