How to build and maintain watch groups

Use our Ourwatch instructions leaflet to grow and communicate with your groups.

Ourwatch registered Co-ordinators can benefit from free, high-quality, professional training.

See the new Co-ordinators instructions for the V4 version of Ourwatch

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Start a watch group from scratch:

  1. Online recruitment
    1. Register on Ourwatch
    2. Verify your details with the borough association
    3. Request an induction
    4. Create a scheme
    5. Request activation from the MSA
    6. Recruit members by inviting them
      1. Invite by email from your co-ordinator portal
      2. post leaflets through doors

Maintain an existing watch group:

  1. Register your scheme on Ourwatch
  2. Put posters into communal notice boards
  3. Put up and distribute Neighbourhood Watch stickers
  4. Register with OWL to get police notices
  5. Apply for membership of your local SNT Ward Panel
  6. Contribute to SNT Ward Panel issues to help ascertain policing priorities.

Please click through to the Co-ordinator role description for definitions of watches.

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