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Be prepared

People often think they do not need Neighbourhood Watch or connect to Neighbours to meet and greet because

  • not much is happening –
  • all are happy –
  • there is little crime –
  • never had a problem –
  • if something happens help arrives quickly –

Often, it gets underestimated how much problems can affect a person(s) emotionally and throw you off balance. Suddenly all rationale goes out of the window and the emotions and fear kick in.

Calling 999, 101, reporting does not always have the desired outcome. It depends on the type of crime or ASB happening.

Being a member in a local Neighbourhood Watch groups helps to create resilience and resistance to emotional stress.

We hold monthly drop ins and give advice for those attending. People who do not think it is necessary to attend, often then send large amounts of emails begging for help with a situation they cannot cope with.

This then becomes hard to cope with not only for the sender but also for the recipient.

Having steady local contacts is often the best defence against sudden onslaughts of criminal problems. To solve some crimes can take time. Police need to gather intelligence, landlords need to prepare evictions, councils require evidence.

Be smart take part in Neighbourhood Watch

Once you have submitted your initial report and obtained a reference number, you can use that reference number and submit further evidence to police.

However, keeping a cool head is the most important tool in our box.

Admittedly it is a problem that the various systems now in place and available do not perfectly work together. We need to take the pieces of services that are available and useful to us and use them.

Check out our portals in the menu on the top of the site.

Police in London

  • no longer accept submission of evidence via the Self-Evident App.
  • do not use the Neighbourhood Alert App

We have various portals, which do not connect together. We need to build a committee, which is able to negotiate a feasible strategy to deal with information flow and practical solutions.

Be Prepared

Register for fast alerts

National Alert is the default national system that is used by most police forces throughout Britain. All police forces used Neighbourhood Alert and the side-kick Ourwatch, to organise messaging and Neighbourhood Watch groups.

That is until somebody came up with the idea to create OWL.

I feel incredibly privileged to be the Membership Administrator for Ourwatch in Tower Hamlets and as such have first-hand information to what is actually happening.

I can see that last week alone, almost 3,500 people in England and Wales signed up for Neighbourhood Alerts and none of those were in inner London. There are more than 900.000 registered members.

I am asking myself, why do some Londoners want to be behind the rest of the country?

It takes one national administration to sent out an alert message to reach every person in the country. But all those who are only registered on OWL won’t get that message until each local OWL admin has copied and pasted that message into OWL. All important messages I received from OWL, came through National Alert or Ourwatch first.

I really do not understand what came over those break-away boroughs who decided on OWL.

I am registered on both systems and as user, I get the fastest, most relevant messages through Neighbourhood Alert long before I get anything relevant from the OWL system.

There are currently only 12 boroughs who use OWL, why?

I see OWL merely as a mailing list used by the Met Police in Tower Hamlets. As such all our coordinators must be registered with OWL. But of course through OWL, coordinators cannot communicate with their watch members, they need to set up a system on Ourwatch to do so.

I can understand that people complain about getting duplicate messages but remember, you get them from National Alert Ourwatch first.

I have written to Met Police Central Command about the issue. Why won’t the Met Police forces, who pay for OWL not pay for having first-rate access to the National Alert system? Why won’t they share data?

From a point of national security, National Alert does the job much better for getting through to people faster. You can subscribe to National Alert messages, when registering with Ourwatch.

Information and engagement

strongly recommend that everybody signs up for Neighbourhood Alert, the excellent national alert system, which gives the most up-to-date crime prevention alerts to all within England and Wales. You can sign up for Neighbourhood Alert if you sign up to Ourwatch or you can just sign up for Neighbourhood Alert.

Even if you are registered with OWL or a watch coordinator, you will need to subscribe to Neighbourhood Alert to get those messages to your inbox.

There is an option to follow the anti-crime campaigns on Twitter and Facebook from Ourwatch but Neighbourhood Alert sends them straight to your inbox, if they get generated there.

When you sign up to Neighbourhood Alert, you can tick service options and if you subscribe to Neighbourhood Watch, then you will be dealt with by a designated Tower Hamlets Multi-scheme administrator who oversees watch creation and continued membership.

You will not get the same amount of quality messages through OWL, which mainly sends out local policing messages with the exception of very few council run health campaigns to do with Covid-19. As previoulsy mentioned OWL does not do any data-sharing with others, so you will not get the same messages on OWL as you get them from Neighbourhood Alert.

Also any people registered on OWL who are not also registered with us, are not recognised by us as members of the Association. It is very easy to register with us, we accept any functioning watch group, which acts within all national and local by-laws.

Being subscribed to Neighbourhood Watch on Ourwatch or from any other website, which gives you the option will put you on mailing lists for watch coordinators in Tower Hamlets.

Ourwatch membership expects community engagement from members because there is little point in signing up if you do not want to connect with your neighbours.

As the Tower Hamlets Neighbourhood Watch Association, we are only able to give direct specific advise to those registered as members of Neighbourhood Watches who are registered with us. If you are a Neighbourhood Watch group and not yet listed on the Ourwatch system please contact us and complete a membership form to make you eligible. Alternatively just register with Ourwatch and you save yourselve having to fill in a paperform.

All those not members of watch groups, will have to make do with the free advice we publish on this website for all to use.

Good law and order our best chance

The latest developments in East Enders are really troubling. An East End Family going out to do a robbery together under the leadership of their head of the family Phil Mitchell. I object to East End families being portrait in that way.

We really do not even want to go there in real life.

An article I read today on Microsoft News, published originally by The Independent newspaper explains that with the loss of the EU police and intelligence exchange databases, policing will struggle to cope from January 2021. Negotiations over a potential security deal continue but the National Crime Agency (NCA) said that even if an agreement is struck, access will still be lost to vital databases and legal mechanisms.

Already police have little time to help setting up watch groups. With the added uncertainty of setting up alternative policing methods without the European systems, we have to stay stronger and do the right thing ourselves. Follow our campaigns on Twitter, Facebook. Register with Ourwatch get to national Neighbourhood Alert messages to do with crime preventions and alerts.

We do not need Mitchells in the East End, we do not need any crime families. We need people who want to obey law and order and help society and all within it with fairness.

THNWA strives to help all who want to set up a watch group, enabling them to do so. You can set up any type of watch group, whether it’s within a faith community, around a park area, schools, housing estates.

Just register on Ourwatch, draw your watch area on a map and allow others to join you. Or if you want to join a watch and can’t, just start your own.

We also will support all watch groups, who are not registered on any platform, but you must supply evidence of address and area.

For those registered on OWL please supply evidence of registration.