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Be prepared

People often think they do not need Neighbourhood Watch or connect to Neighbours to meet and greet because

  • not much is happening –
  • all are happy –
  • there is little crime –
  • never had a problem –
  • if something happens help arrives quickly –

Often, it gets underestimated how much problems can affect a person(s) emotionally and throw you off balance. Suddenly all rationale goes out of the window and the emotions and fear kick in.

Calling 999, 101, reporting does not always have the desired outcome. It depends on the type of crime or ASB happening.

Being a member in a local Neighbourhood Watch groups helps to create resilience and resistance to emotional stress.

We hold monthly drop ins and give advice for those attending. People who do not think it is necessary to attend, often then send large amounts of emails begging for help with a situation they cannot cope with.

This then becomes hard to cope with not only for the sender but also for the recipient.

Having steady local contacts is often the best defence against sudden onslaughts of criminal problems. To solve some crimes can take time. Police need to gather intelligence, landlords need to prepare evictions, councils require evidence.

Be smart take part in Neighbourhood Watch

Once you have submitted your initial report and obtained a reference number, you can use that reference number and submit further evidence to police.

However, keeping a cool head is the most important tool in our box.

Admittedly it is a problem that the various systems now in place and available do not perfectly work together. We need to take the pieces of services that are available and useful to us and use them.

Check out our portals in the menu on the top of the site.

Police in London

  • no longer accept submission of evidence via the Self-Evident App.
  • do not use the Neighbourhood Alert App

We have various portals, which do not connect together. We need to build a committee, which is able to negotiate a feasible strategy to deal with information flow and practical solutions.

Be Prepared

Don’t complain about emails

In my experience those complaining the most about emails from Neighbourhood Watch are those who are not active as Watch coordinators but registered on the system.

Those using company email addresses switch their emails to holiday mode most often too. Please refer to my other post about creating an email address for watch purposes.

Please do not complain about emails from fellow watch members. Email is often the only way of communicating these days and hearing from your neighbours is stimulating and positive. We are very much trying to get more people to use email rather than less.

Unless emails are of an unwelcome personal nature, please do not complain. If emails are intimitaing make a formal complaint to the police about stalking or harrassment.

If things get too much for you, please just cancel your membership or registration. We need people who are active in their community, want to listen to others and welcome positive contributions.

I have had emails from people who are no longer living in the UK, being registered on the English system, and having failed to cancel their membership complain about too many emails. Others are registered but don’t really want to get involved with Neighbourhood Watch.

Please also log into your account and change your address if you move. Your registration will automatically be changed to your new area.

If you do not want to get involved, don’t register. Just press the unsubscribe button on Alert messages, or log into your Ourwatch account and delete your membership instead of complaining that you do not enjoy being involved.

You can put yourself on the OWL mailing list, where you get occasional police messages but also can only communicate with them at the SNT panel meetings, which are by invitation only. You cannot create a watch group on OWL but that may be the best place for all who just want to get occasionally newsletters from the police.

You can follow this blog to hear about this area or you can follow the many Twitter and Facebook messages that the Ourwatch network puts out on a daily basis for crime-prevention purposes.

We also have a Twitter account.

Good law and order our best chance

The latest developments in East Enders are really troubling. An East End Family going out to do a robbery together under the leadership of their head of the family Phil Mitchell. I object to East End families being portrait in that way.

We really do not even want to go there in real life.

An article I read today on Microsoft News, published originally by The Independent newspaper explains that with the loss of the EU police and intelligence exchange databases, policing will struggle to cope from January 2021. Negotiations over a potential security deal continue but the National Crime Agency (NCA) said that even if an agreement is struck, access will still be lost to vital databases and legal mechanisms.

Already police have little time to help setting up watch groups. With the added uncertainty of setting up alternative policing methods without the European systems, we have to stay stronger and do the right thing ourselves. Follow our campaigns on Twitter, Facebook. Register with Ourwatch get to national Neighbourhood Alert messages to do with crime preventions and alerts.

We do not need Mitchells in the East End, we do not need any crime families. We need people who want to obey law and order and help society and all within it with fairness.

THNWA strives to help all who want to set up a watch group, enabling them to do so. You can set up any type of watch group, whether it’s within a faith community, around a park area, schools, housing estates.

Just register on Ourwatch, draw your watch area on a map and allow others to join you. Or if you want to join a watch and can’t, just start your own.

We also will support all watch groups, who are not registered on any platform, but you must supply evidence of address and area.

For those registered on OWL please supply evidence of registration.

Enjoy your community and neighbourhood

The whole point of living somewhere is that you feel it is your home, you feel safe and secure.

For most people going to any type of meetings is quite unachievable. Often meetings take place in regular intervals in the evenings and a lot of us simply cannot make them.

People work shifts, commute long hours, need to do shopping, sort out those housing/repair issues or simply just have time to cook a meal and do the daily wash before getting into bed, ready for the next day.

A lot of us no longer work 9 – 5 and since we have on demand contracts can be working at all hours and no longer be able to meet.

That all doesn’t matter because anybody has now the ability to communicate any concerns online and neighbours even can create their own WhatsApp groups or other communications systems, just as they are appropriate.

You just need to take care not to share images publicly, which are of people who deem suspect, only share such pics with law enforcement in a confidential manner.

You do not need to think that you need to be able to make regular meetings to be part of a local neighbourhood. Everybody can report a crime or concerns to law enforcement, even in an anonymous manner.

Nobody can take the law into their own hands, always communicate with your local law enforcements any concerns you may have.

Of course getting regular bulletins from the local, regional or national crime agencies can be improved by registering with OWL but if you do not want to do that, you can follow your local SNT on Twitter. Neighbourhood Watch.