Watch group profiles

Tower Hamlets Neighbourhood Watch has many watch groups, who may be part of another community group or a stand-along group, what most have in common is that they have little opportunity to have a static online Internet platform.

Many are on Twitter, NextDoor or Facebook but we also want groups to have the opportunity to create an online public profile page and have the ability to post permanent pages, pictures, which can be changed and install a communications form to allow locals to communicate with them. You can then publish those internet pages on leaflets locally.

For this to work satisfactorily for all involved we have to be happy that the groups are actively engaging with the community. If you are such a group, you can request up to 3 pages and post on the website. The following sites are available for you to do so: and

Once we receive this form it should take no longer than 4 weeks to decide if we permit your request.